Social Media

Telling your story on social media is getting more and more important, but amidst all the clickbait and other posts begging for attention, it’s becoming quite a challenge.

Using different ‘tricks and hacks’ is one way of doing it, but it’s not a sustainable strategy. Facebook, Google, Instagram and others constantly update their algorithm, because they don’t want you to take advantage of existing loopholes. With every update, things get shaken up a bit. The one thing they never change? A focus on user experience.

By focussing on the long term, and building a strategy around providing actual value for social media users, you play the game the way it is meant to be played. A long term strategy will allow you to build real relationships. Your followers will appreciate you so much more for it. Meanwhile, all different platforms will try to reward your way of doing things: the slow, patient, real way.

Let’s be honest: waiting to go viral by accident is not a real strategy.

I assist brands in all facets of online marketing:

Strategy Design

The first and most important step when you decide to put effort into social media is knowing what you’re going to do and why. I help brands make the transition to online marketing by defining the appropriate Tone of Voice, choice of platforms, forms of content, …


Of course, on social, content is king! Making genuine stuff, offering your followers actual value, is the foundation for good social media marketing. Whether you want to create original content, repost existing content or combine the two. Being creative is one of my favorite activities, both with my camera and my pen.

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They are very popular right now, but many companies stay away from social media ads, because they have serious doubts. I don’t blame them: ads are tricky, and definitely not a must! Often times, they have a terrible ROI and are a waste of your marketing budget.
They can, however, be a great tool to reach your target audience quickly and effectively. If executed correctly, a good ad campaign can get great results.

Community Management

When you have an audience and get a lot of engagement on your content, community management becomes an important part of your social media strategy. Actively engaging with your community makes them more likely to stick around and convert in the future. There are tools, tips and groundrules that can make a big difference.


Data is knowledge, especially on social. I can dive into your numbers and look for all possible insights: find strong and weak points, tell you when to post and what to post, which people like your content, which don’t, etc.

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